Twitter Turns Off MS-DOS Game Embeds In Tweets

The newfound ability to put entire MS-DOS games hosted by the Internet Archive inside tweets, and then play them back in Twitter’s official web client, is now gone. The feature used Twitter’s Cards setup, but it also violated the terms of that system by putting an entire end-to-end gaming system within Twitter’s embedded video player.

It was fun while it lasted, and likely drove a lot of engagement for the social network, which may be why it remained on for as long as it did. But the party’s over now, as The Guardian first reported. It’s a pretty clear violation of Twitter’s rules for the feature, though, so it’s not too surprising it got shut down, even if it’s a downer.

The fun isn’t over, though: You can still head over to to play, and you can also still embed the games on your website or blog to play through yourself. Just like we did below.