TC AppleCast 13: Life With Apple Watch

On this week’s AppleCast, we get into the Apple Watch experience, since we’ve both now been actively using them for at least a few days. We expand on our thoughts regarding the device at length in our extensive review, but here on the podcast, we talk about very different aspects of the device, including how first-hand experience differed from what we thought we’d find after reading early reviews.

We also discuss how the Apple Watch works in terms of offering accessibility features for those with either visual or auditory impairments. Usher Syndrome advocate Molly Watt has a good post up from earlier this week about her specific experience, and Steven Aquino also shared his thoughts on the accessibility angle last month.

Finally, we also talk about a selection of third-party apps, discussing favorites, and the way in which Apple Watch has us using apps we’d probably never have picked up otherwise. There’s probably something to be said for Apple Watch spawning a new kind of app boom, but how big that’ll be will become more apparent as we get a better idea of how many are out there in the wild.

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