Dave Morin And Kevin Colleran’s Slow Ventures Raises A New $65 Million Fund

Slow Ventures, previously run by early Facebook employees Dave Morin and Kevin Colleran, has raised a new $65 million fourth fund.

Sam Lessin, another former Facebook employee who left in August last year, will be joining as a partner. The fund has made investments in many of the closest-watched startups in Silicon Valley, including Pinterest, Meerkat, Postmates and Slack. Colleran will lead the fund as managing director, and all of his investment activities will now be made through it.

In total, Slow Ventures has invested in more than 180 companies across its previous three funds — which Morin and Colleran personally invested in with other early Facebook executives. This latest fund’s investors include some venture capital firms, as well as other CEOs and entrepreneurs in the tech community. The firm is not focused on leading investments and usually does not take board seats.

Morin will remain at Path, and Lessin could always do another startup, but both will remain involved in the investment decisions throughout the life of the fund. Colleran will continue to work out of Boston, while Lessin and Morin will be working out of San Francisco.