Watch A Drone Fall In Love In Pomplamoose’s New Video


Friends of TC, Pomplamoose, just posted a new video that features a lady, a drone and a single rose. The song, Madonna’s Like A Prayer redone in a decidedly jaunty style, is great but the video storyline is greater.

You see, in the year 2022 a drone becomes sentient and falls in love with a woman who lives in what looks like a fashionable SF bunker. The drone knows that his/her love flies in the face of convention and biology, but does that stop our little quadcopter that could? No. No, it does not. Unimpeded by the fact that the drone will never be able to achieve blessed union with his/her beloved, it soldiers on blindly as the woman grows ever more horrified.

The song will be on Pomplamoose’s next album and is a great reworking of classic power pop. It’s well worth the watch even if it’s just to see the drone stammer out “I love you” on what looks like an LG smartphone. I, for one, welcome our loving drone overlords.