ERA Graduates Batch 8 At Demo Day In New York

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) is wrapping up its eighth cohort today with presentations from 10 startups that range from “testing as a service” provider API Fortress to personal health assistant app uGO Health.

Managing Director Jon Axelrod announced some stats around ERA’s first program back in summer 2011: Of the 10 alumni, two have been acquired, seven have raised multiple follow-on rounds, and this year they’ll collectively bring in more than $30 million in revenue and employ over 150 people.

According to CrunchBase data, ERA’s 70 alumni have raised 130 follow-on rounds since 2011 from some of New York’s top early-stage funds, including RRE Ventures, FirstMark, BoxGroup, and ff Venture Capital. Axelrod says the group has raised north of $100 million in collective venture funding to date.

Here is the full list of startups presenting at today’s DemoDay:

BunchcutbunchcutLOGO is a B2B collaboration engine for managing visual content. Their intelligent image sharing platform is currently being used by 3,000 enterprise users to solve the image-overload problem.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 6.37.58 PM


Alumni Spaces helps universities and their alumni manage donations, coordinate groups and expand their active donor base. They’re going after the $22 billion alumni relations market.


API FortressAPIFortressLOGO is an API “testing as a service” provider that tests and monitors APIs to make sure companies know about issues before their users do. Their testing platform identifies errors and sends detailed reports to users at a fraction of the cost of a developer.


EventableEventableLOGO is a calendar marketing automation service that helps brands engage with audiences through events and scheduling. Calendar is the second most-used app, after email, and Eventable has already been used to send events to 1.2 million consumers.


Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.26.57 PM

Blinkbuggy creates personalized videos for parents to capture and organize family memories. Once a week, parents are reminded to take three-second videos, which Blinkbuggy curates and stitches together into time-lapse videos.


Place PixelPlacePixelLOGO is a crowdsourced mapping app that lets users discover and add information that’s missing from current maps — like bathrooms, places that are hiring, or free shows.


SELECTSELECTLogo transforms any existing credit or debit card into a members-only “black card” that provides access to exclusive events, savings and perks. SELECT has 5,000 paying members and has brought in over $150K in revenue so far this year.


KetchupKetchupLOGO is an engagement tool for publishers that provides readers with context relevant to their content. Through a widget on publisher sites, users can see a timeline of how a story developed.


RollinglobeRollinglobeLOGO is an e-commerce platform for selling trip packages and travel activities. “Travel pros” can open personalized online stores where they curate vacations, earning a commission anytime someone books a product from their store.


uGO Healthu_go_heath Logo 4-color is a personal health assistant app that helps users understand when and were to access care based on their symptoms and condition. uGO is partnering with insurance providers to help drive down the $38 billion that Americans spend annually in ER visits, more than half of which are avoidable.