Conductor Helps Customers Figure Out If They’re Ready For Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Update

Last week, Google updated its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly pages in mobile search results — a move that could affect 40 percent of Fortune 500 websites.

If you’re worried about the update, Conductor has built a new tool to help. The company says Mobile Visibility can help businesses understand which content is mobile friendly and which is not and how that affects Google rankings. Maybe that should be obvious already, but apparently Conductor works with customers that have up to 1 million pages on their websites (!) — so hey, it’s easy to miss things.

Plus, CEO Seth Besmertnik told me the product can identify areas where your competitors are not mobile friendly, which creates an opportunity for you to move up in the rankings by creating mobile-targeted content. Conductor can also identify specific technical issues and even help you assign tasks to your tech team to fix them.

Besmertnik said common issues include “false redirects using Flash or forcing app ads to show up on first click (Google does not like that).”

Conductor, by the way, recently raised $27 million in Series D funding. It now bills itself as a “web presence management platform,” but its roots are in search engine optimization, and the new Mobile Visibility capabilities will be included as part of its Search Experience Tracking.