Microsoft And Google Battle Once Again For Title Of Second Most Valuable Tech Company

They’re back at it.

After reporting earnings yesterday, Google and Microsoft are once again locked in their long-running battle for second. Apple, the most valuable technology company, is also the most valuable company in the world, with Google and Microsoft rounding off the top three.

Google, up 3.56 percent as of the time of writing, is currently worth $385.59 billion. Microsoft, up 9.47 percent, is worth a similar $389.24 billion. Earlier, the companies managed a $388 billion moment of parity. Their shares are still gyrating, so we could see the companies pass the baton back and forth before the day’s regular hours come to a close.

There is rich history of watching Apple, Microsoft and Google fight for the top three. Let’s rewind:

TechCrunch, May 26, 2010: “Boom, Indeed: Apple Passes Microsoft In Market Cap.”

Worth just over $227 billion apiece, Apple passed Microsoft’s value in 2010. Apple has since more than tripled in value. Microsoft is up a more modest 71 percent.

TechCrunch, February 14, 2011: “Apple Now The Most Valuable Tech Company By $100 Billion; Google Closing In On Microsoft.”

Apple was now worth $330 billion and Microsoft $228 billion. Put another way, Apple’s value grew by $100 billion, or just under a third in less than a year. Microsoft was all but unch.

TechCrunch, October 17, 2014: “Google And Microsoft Battle For Market Cap Supremacy.

In the latter half of 2014, both Google and Microsoft managed to be worth $351 billion and $352 billion respectively.

Then, Microsoft had a bit of a rough patch, and for some time was worth a margin less. Following the most recent set of earnings reports, Google didn’t pick up as much new oxygen as Microsoft, and now they are once again trading places.

Neither company is anywhere close to challenging Apple’s market cap, making it a race for silver for now.