Soundbrenner Pulse Helps You Get Down To Your Own Sick Beat

If you find yourself staying out too late with nothing in your brain, perhaps you could use the Soundbrenner Pulse. This haptic smartwatch won’t make calls or manage your calendar for you but it will buzz out time while playing a musical instrument, allowing you to stay on the beat while you’re wailing on the sax or burbling on your kazoo.

The watch is, quite simply, a wearable metronome. There are already a few of these out there, but this one looks far more futuristic and is designed to buzz the beat as you play. Created by Florian Simmendinger, the project has halfway funded on Indiegogo and looks quite promising. It starts at $99.

The wearable metronome sits on your wrist and gives you a steady beat to follow while playing. You control the speed via an iPhone app or MIDI system and you can even tap a beat to start playing. It also offers beat training by watching your beat and correcting you when you stray. You can also link multiple bands together so your entire band can be on the same page.

While the Pulse won’t help you shake it off, it will ensure that you are on the beat when you do.