The New HowAboutWe Will Let You Order A Date On Demand

HowAboutWe, five years old and recently acquired by digital dating giant IAC, is relaunching its mobile app today with a bevy of new features and updated pricing. The most notable update comes in the form of Tonight, a feature that allows users to essentially order a date on-demand.

With Tonight, users can opt-in for a date tonight, put in a specific time, and HowAboutWe will search through your potential matches for people who’ve also opted in for a date tonight. In about five minutes, according to the company, HAW will send a push notification asking users to look at their potential dates and double-tap on the ones that they’d like to go out with.

Once all interested parties have made their selections, HAW matches them up with the best fit based on various factors and sends both users into a text conversation. All messages go through a HAW number so that users’ phone numbers aren’t automatically shared.

But Tonight isn’t the only new feature in the re-launch.

Alongside the usual swipe-based feed for matches (now called Pool), HowAboutWe also launched Connections, which are a daily set of highly-targeted potential matches, as well as targeted search (letting users filter by height, religion, etc.).

But perhaps more important is the revamped pricing model, which lets users send and receive messages with mutual matches for free. Previously, all HowAboutWe users needed to upgrade to a paid membership before they were able to send and receive messages.

With the new version, people who’ve expressed interest in each other get free messaging, access to Tonight, as well as access to the pool. If users would like to message folks they haven’t yet matched with, or run a targeted search, they’ll need to upgrade.

Depending on the length of the membership, the price ranges from $10/month to $20/month.

This represents a new start for HowAboutWe, which was acquired by IAC in June of last year. Cofounder Brian Schechter explained that we’re heading into a post-Tinder era, where the overloaded inbox and back-and-forth messaging become more annoying than effective.

You can check out the new HowAboutWe right here.

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