Spring, The Shoppable Instagram, Closes $25M In Series B

Spring, the Instagram for shopping, has today closed $25 million in Series B funding led by Box Group, with participation by Yuri Millner, Groupe Arnault, Google Ventures, and Thrive Capital. Spring has raised a total of $32.5 million.

Alongside the funding announcement, Spring (created by David Tisch and his brother Alan Tisch in August 2014) is also launching an Android version of the app today after having spent almost a year exclusively on iOS.

Spring works by integrating directly with fashion brands, who users can then follow on the platform to see their new posts. Each post has an item of clothing in it, complete with scrollable pictures, a price, and a description.

To purchase an item, users can simply click on a size and swipe to buy. Like Uber, Spring saves your credit card information after the first time you input so that users can truly shop on mobile without having to worry about a tedious check-out process from a small screen.

On the brand side, vendors have total control over the inventory they post and the frequency with which they post.

Spring raised $7.5 million in Series A funding pre-launch, and has grown from 200 brands on the platform to now have more than 700 brands using the platform. The company has also gone from around 2,000 products to currently having around 20,000, with plans to reach 500,000 products by the end of the summer.

The goal, says Tisch, is to be able to list an entire brand’s catalog on Spring so that anything you can buy from that retailer, you could theoretically buy within the Spring app.

The launch on Android represents one arm of expansion, as the company has plans to release a web app soon and eventually expand into international turf.

You can check out Spring on iOS and Android.

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