Managed By Q Launches Out Of Beta In NY, Expands To Chicago

Managed By Q, the iPad-powered office management platform, has today announced that it will be launching out of beta in NYC. The company is also expanding to Chicago, launching an invite-only beta to startups and businesses in the area.

Managed By Q is a platform built to help offices keep track of groceries, supplies, cleaning, repairs — all the things that take focus away from running the actual business. The company installs a wall-mounted (free) iPad in each office that signs up, and that then becomes the dashboard for users in the office.

Through the iPad (and Q software), users can order groceries, office supplies, paper towels and toilet paper, as well as book cleaning services for $25/hour. The service even provides a handyman for $80/hour to deal with repairs and other maintenance jobs.

Q doesn’t charge a monthly fee for its services but rather hires operators who clean and deliver supplies, as opposed to contracting workers from third-party providers.

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For the past year, Managed By Q has been building out its service in New York to find the right recipe for what most offices need, and then training its operators to go through a clearly defined process when in clients’ offices.

“We both come from a product background,” said cofounder Dan Teran, speaking of his cofounder Saman Rahmanian. “One of the biggest challenges for us is understanding that people don’t behave as predictably as software does, so we’re focused on making sure our operators have a really structured system that couples with our technology. That’s the best way to maintain a high quality experience as we scale.”

With the New York beta, the company only allowed perspective clients to sign up on a wait list, with Q ultimately deciding who would be allowed early access to the platform. In that time, the platform has attracted companies like Uber, Vayner Media, Kickstarter, and Elite Daily, among others. Today, however, anyone who would like access to Managed By Q can sign up now through the Managed By Q website.

In Chicago, the company is taking the same approach that it did in New York, starting out with a closed beta with plans to open that up in the coming months.

Managed By Q has raised $2.4 million in funding thus far.

You can check out the platform here.