Video Challenge App FightMe Bets On More Ice Bucket Challenges And Social Movements

FightMe is a video challenge app. Now, other “challenge apps” have failed miserably. There just hash’t been the consumer demand for this model. Despite a good run at the idea, Klash, which raised a million Euros in funding, failed after a year.

However, FightMe, an iOS app startup, thinks it has the answer. It’s been remodelled and re-launches today with a new version and a new mission: to encourage ‘creative and passionate individuals’ to start movements and join in causes. Think a platform for the creation of new Ice Bucket Challenges, perhaps.

Users have thirty seconds to create a video about whatever they want, starting their own video challenge or joining in with an existing one. Through FightMe’s nomination feature, users are prompted to take their challenge to their wider network of friends and followers. This is done using their nomination feature, via SMS, Facebook and Twitter.

Today they’ve launched a campaign with animal right charity PETA, which is launching an online protest to encourage people to join in the fight against fur and animal cruelty.

For me, this is the last roll of the dice for this kind of app. If FightMe can’t make challenge apps work then clearly this kind of thing won’t ever work. In their favor, is the wide-spread adoption of mobile, video and perhaps the cultural zeitgeist created by movements like the Ice Bucket Challenge.

We’ll have to wait and see.