A Designer Is Making 3D Models Of The Nasties In The D&D Monster Manual

You are in a large room. There is a basket in the northeast corner and a door to your right. It is paved in cobblestones and there is blood on the stones in the center of the room. Your party enters from the south. Suddenly, from off of the room’s ceiling of comes a Hook Horror! What do you do?

If you said “Stop for a few minutes to download and 3D print most of the D&D Monster Manual in order to up the realism of your dungeon crawl” then you made the right choice. You see, a designer named Miguel Zavala has been modeling all of the D&D Monster Manual monsters in 3D and putting them up for all to download. His alphabetical collection features creatures like the Owlbear, the Ettin, and even Tiamat, the many-headed dragon that haunted the dreams of many a Saturday morning cartoon watcher.

All of the models (including, inexplicably, a few Pokemon) are free to download and most are split into multiple printable parts. I, personally, am printing a Beholder right now because, as I recall, I was especially scared of them back in the 1980s when I first cracked open Gygax’s classic tome. It was something about the eye.

Zavala has also been painting his creations, a pastime that could bring new life to your collection of brushes and paints that have lain dormant since you got to busy and stopped painting MechWarrior figures.

Owl Bear
by johndbiggs
on Sketchfab