The Netflix Watch

April Fools’ Day is long over, but it looks like Netflix was keepin’ one in the chamber just for the day all the Apple Watch reviews went up.

You see, lots of unanswered questions remain around the Apple Watch. Will consumers want it? Will it find its “killer app”? Is the battery life long enough to get most people through the day?

But one thing is for certain: Watching Netflix on the Apple Watch’s tiny screen would suck. Thus, the Netflix Watch.

“Not only do you get a clear picture, quality streaming and your favorite shows and movies,” writes Netflix, “but it also isn’t THAT inconvenient.”

While it’s clearly just a fun little jab on Netflix’s part (it’s… an iPhone strapped to your wrist), things like this totally do exist. A search for “iPhone wristband” on Amazon, for example, turns up a dozen-plus real-life versions of it, mostly pitched as fitness accessories.

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