Tesla’s New Entry-Level Model S 70D Adds All-Wheel Drive And 240 Mile Range

Tesla has a new entry-level Model S, called the 70D, which offers a 70 kWh battery and all-wheel drive, and which replaces the entry-level Model S 60 in the range. The new 70D offers 240 miles of maximum range, vs. just 2018 for the outgoing entry-level rear-wheel drive base Model S, but will also cost $5,000 more to start with a beginning price of $74,900.

The new base model Tesla is still a better value than the outgoing version, overall, and takes advantage of Tesla’s improving economies of sales from production of the higher end 85, 85D and P85D editions of the vehicle to make better tech available in the lower end.

Tesla has an aggressive sales target of 55,000 vehicles by end of year for 2015, which is above its existing pace of quarterly unit sales, and the 70D is likely an attempt to juice sales numbers at the entry-level of the line, which has traditionally lagged those of the higher end versions.

Other benefits of the new 70D include the inclusion of hardware that makes it compatible with the rapid charging Tesla superstations dotting the country, and its total range is only 25 miles under the 85 line of cars. It has a top speed of 140 MPH, with 0 to 60 time achieved in just 5.2 seconds.