HBO Now Arrives On Apple TV, iPhone And iPad

The HBO Now app has made its way to the Apple TV and iOS as of today. The HBO Now channel was promised for availability ahead of the Game of Thrones premiere on the network on April 12, and the new service provides access to HBO’s entire streaming content library, as well as new shows live as they air, for $14.99 per month, with one free month included for users who sign up in April.

HBO Now was officially announced at Apple’s special press event in March, where the company revealed the new MacBook and detailed its launch plans for the Apple Watch, which will be available for pre-order beginning Friday. The HBO Now service is exclusive to Apple TV at launch,¬†and is also available on iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad via an app. Once you’ve signed up via Apple’s offerings, you can also watch in browser via the HBO Now website on any computer.

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This service differs from HBO Go in that it doesn’t require a user to subscribe via their cable or satellite TV provider, which is a huge advantage for cable cutters and others who don’t want to sign up for traditional TV services that can often cost over $100 for premium cable content packs that include HBO. It’s a U.S.-only offering at launch.

Update: Some are reporting inability to download the iOS app, but if you’re encountering an error keep trying; we were able to download and install it just fine.