Now You Can Embed Images And GIFs From Imgur

If you’re an online writer or publisher and you want to include a picture from Imgur, it’s now easy to do so in a totally legit way thanks to the image-sharing site’s new embedding capabilities.

In other words, the company says that when you’re looking at any public image or GIF on Imgur, you’ll now find an embed option in the “Post Options” menu, allowing you to copy a line of HTML and reproduce the content on your site.

Not that it was all that hard before to download and re-upload an image. Nonetheless, adding embedding capabilities has helped sites like YouTube and Twitter distribute their content across the web, and we might see something similar here — so even if you aren’t someone who embeds pictures yourself, you might start seeing a lot more Imgur content on other sites.

Plus, by supporting embeds, Imgur gets more control over the experience — for one thing, it guarantees that the image will be reproduced with proper attribution. Embeds could also give Imgur (and the users who upload these images in the first place) more data about how the content is being published, shared and viewed.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all sites will immediately support this embed code. Sadly, TechCrunch’s version of WordPress is pretty restrictive, so I had to go with a screenshot above, instead of an embed. (Hopefully we can get that fixed soon.)