Little Girl Gets An Amazing Purple And Pink 3D-Printed Arm

Another day, another life changed thanks to ubiquitous 3D printing. This time makers made a little girl named Faith a Flamingo-like pink and purple arm that lets her grasp objects when she flexes. The arm, which is almost entirely 3D-printed except for some straps and screws, lets her pick up objects, play and even ride a bike.

I’ve been talking about these things for a while and the organization that makes them available, Enabling The Future, is doing some amazing work spreading the word about this technology. These things are important because good prosthetics have been traditionally too expensive and uncomfortable for kids.


Now that they can be easily printed on a home printer, however, kids can receive upgraded arms as they grow. The price makes them almost recyclable, and they are unique and fun in a way that regular prostheses aren’t. It’s an amazing thing to see these things change a child’s life and I’m glad we’re all getting to see it.

You can check out Tony Stark handing over an Iron Man arm over here.