This Easy Cheese 3D Printer Offers Sweet, Golden Disruption

We toss the word “disruption” around far too frivolously here but I think we’ve finally found a product that deserves to be called amazing, magical, game-changing, and – dare I say it? – disruptive. It is an Easy Cheese 3D printer, four words that have never been brought together in the English language yet that are so important to the future of mankind.

What are you watching here? The future, mostly. It’s a way to dispense sweet Easy Cheese (a cheese product extruded from a can) onto a surface. The resulting slurry can be ejected in various shapes, including, but not limited to, a square. The resulting Easy Cheese objects can be eaten or thrown away.

Created by Andrew Maxwell-Parish, the project is obviously not ready for primetime but it’s an important proof-of-concept for those ready to explore the brave new world of three-dimensional dairy manufacturing. Near the end of the video, for example, we see the cheese extruder popping off the head and we also see the dreaded “cheese foof” – a gaseous outburst associated with air bubbles in the medium. Some gave all and all gave some in the slow march to this moment.

In the end I doubt mankind is ready for true cheese extrusion but it’s an important signpost for whatever evolved species takes over after we are gone. Excelsior.