Naritiv Helped ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Get 800K Snapchat Followers In 3 Months

With every big social content network comes tools and services for brands to leverage those platforms. For Snapchat, that tool is Naritiv.

The startup has been building out an influencer network that they can leverage to build out Snapchat campaigns for various brands, complete with analytics and reporting tools.

Naritiv launched out of the Disney Accelerator, powered by Techstars, and was thus introduced to the folks at ABC Family to take over a campaign around Pretty Little Liars. Since launching in January of this year, alongside season five of the show, the Pretty Little Liars Snapchat account has amassed more than 800,000 followers on the platform.

The account has also raked in more than 140 million total views with more than 215K hours of content watched.

Naritiv is now using this campaign as a case study.

“Snapchat is a newer platform, and so we’re still in the early days,” said Naritiv founder Dan Altmann. “The greatest challenge for us is waiting for that influencer network to grow, and to ensure that we have a steady supply of influencers as that happens.”

Naritiv pairs brands with influencers on Snapchat, but unlike other social networks, Snapchat stars are relatively difficult to find. Information about Snapchat stars is often distributed via word of mouth, as there’s no true discovery tool for popular users within the app itself.

Not only does Naritiv work hard to find these influencers and pair them with a brand (for which they receive a rev-share), but Naritiv also mines the data from that campaign and compiles it over time. That way brands can see the full, long-term performance of an account or campaign and use Naritiv technology and expertise to tweak those campaigns.

Naritiv is also working with other well-known brands such as Marriott Resorts and Radio Disney, and has raised a total of $1.2 million in seed funding from the Disney Accelerator, Greylock Partners, Mucker Capital, and more.