TC Droidcast 43: HTC One M9 And… Facebook?

This week, Chris Velazco joins us to discuss the HTC One M9, which he got to review over at Engadget. The company’s new smartphone looks pretty similar to last year’s model on the outside, but HTC also revamped the camera. I’d argue that this is hardly the time for modest upgrades for HTC, but Chris gives us some insight into what they were thinking.

We then leap logically (or without any real connection) into Facebook’s announcements at their F8 developer conference today, which leads to some discussion of VR. The VR stuff is a crazy enough tangent, with speculation about how mobile will be the real consumer launch for initial gadgets, at least, and then we also talk about Xiaomi making a Windows 10 ROM available for flashing on its devices.

This week’s Droidcast felt like it spanned multiple times and dimensions, it was so scatterbrained, but we’re happy with the result. Whether you are or aren’t, be sure to let us know.

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