MLB’s Bob Bowman Streaming Live At Disrupt NY


The MLB’s streaming arm, MLB Advanced Media, was founded in 2000 and has been streaming live video to the web longer than anyone. MLBAM got so good at live that it’s been tapped by HBO, Sony, ESPN and many others to handle their streaming efforts.

That’s why we’re happy to announce that Bob Bowman, president of Business & Media for MLB, will be coming to Disrupt NY to talk about the streaming business with us. Bowman is the first and only CEO of MLBAM and has been with it since its inception.

MLBAM currently employs 850 people with headquarters in NY in the Chelsea Market neighborhood — and recently opened an office in San Francisco. In 2014 it streamed 400,000 hours of video consisting of over 390 petabytes of information. Over the next 30 days MLBAM is serving video for Sony, Turner, ESPN, Wrestlemania, HBO’s Game of Thrones and, of course, baseball’s opening day.

We’ll be talking to Bowman — who got a nice promotion at the end of last year during the league chief shuffle — right as they come off of that record season, so it should be interesting to see how that worked out.

Of course, MLB business, including the running of, the At Bat apps for various platforms and streaming live baseball, is still a massive portion of what MLBAM does. So we’ll be sure to talk some baseball as well.

Additionally, we’ll discuss MLBAM’s spin-off opportunity, something that new league commissioner Rob Manfred has been openly talking about in recent months. Then there’s the topic of the streaming landscape at large, with everyone from Dish to Verizon to a rumored Apple looking to go over the top — something Bowman notes that BAM has been doing for over a decade now.

Join us for what should be a fantastic chat.

Bowman joins other notable Disrupt NY speakers, including Joanne Bradford, Aaron Levie and Tristan Walker.

The show runs May 4-6 at the historic Manhattan Center. Tickets are available at an early-bird discount rate until April 11.

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