mDrawBots Will Draw On Your Wall, Floor And Eggs

mDrawBots, a Kickstarter project from MakeBlock, are very reminiscent of old-timey Erector sets with one interesting difference: These robots can actually do cool stuff.

Designed to be customizable, the kits allow you to build robots that will draw on walls and floors, and even draw sassy little faces on eggs. The robot moves around each surface like an ink plotter, laying down a line here or there to make a cohesive whole. The kit includes a small programmable Arduino-like module, but you can supply your own and even add a Bluetooth system for uploading images wirelessly.


Early-bird kits cost $159 and include all the parts necessary to create multiple robots. For $299 you can get a laser engraver pack that allows you to shoot high-powered lasers at your surface instead of a weak old ink blob. The kit includes a program called mDraw, which lets you set up drawings and send them to the robot to complete. The team hopes to ship in May.