Facebook’s New Comments Plugin Syncs Conversations Between Sites And FB Pages

Facebook unveiled a new commenting system at F8 today that should help keep conversations in sync across FB itself, on brand pages and on sites that use its embedded comments. The revamped commenting from FB now lets you see comments both on the web pages where they appear, and on links shared on FB itself, and also see replies made in either place across both essentially in real-time.

The unification of comments on both sites using them and their Facebook pages should help social platform managers track conversations more easily. It might help address some of the complaints people have about FB comment spam, since the comments will now populate in both locations and could have posters thinking twice about what they offer up.

Replies that appear in multiple places at once should also help drive greater engagement, and bring in potential new audiences that are seeing the conversation in one place but otherwise might not be aware of it.

The new commenting tools are currently in testing with Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and a number of other publishers ahead of a wider launch.