Facebook To Support Spherical Video In News Feed And Oculus

Facebook is going to support spherical video in News Feed, and in the Oculus hardware it creates through Oculus VR. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new feature today at F8, the company’s annual developer conference. The immersive video experience will also eventually support live broadcasts, Zuckerberg said.

This is what the company was referring to when it teased “teleportation” features earlier – many had speculated about what this might mean, but it sounds like it’s an Oculus-based 360-degree immersive video browser-based on the F8 keynote.

We’ve seen others make recent moves to support this kind of spherical video experience. Google added support for 360-degree video uploads to YouTube, with playback in Chrome and the Android app allowing you to navigate around within the video feed.

Zuckerberg didn’t talk specifics in terms of when Facebook would make its 360 video support live for end users, but they did show off how it’ll work in practice briefly, with a user controlling perspective with their cursor.