Scenery For Mac Lets You Easily Create Marketing Photos Of Your App Running On A Device

We’re all familiar with seeing photos of a mobile app running on a phone held in a person’s hand. However, creating these professional-looking images, for editorial or marketing purposes, can be a little time consuming and more difficult than need be.

You either literally have to take a photo, which requires some decent photography skills, or you typically create a similar composition using an image editing app like Photoshop.

Enter: Scenery, a new Mac app from Unsigned Integer, the makers of presentation software Deckset, that aims to make the process a cinch.

To create an image of your app running on a device, you simply import your app screenshot and choose from one of the preset templates. The software, for the most part, then takes care of the rest. And that’s pretty much it. In fact, Scenery is a single-usecase app if there ever was one.

“We built Scenery because we were tired of placing mockups into photos using Photoshop,” Unsigned Integer co-founder Chris Eidhof says. “There are some other products, but none of these are native apps. This makes the workflow really slow and cumbersome.”

Another plus, Eidhof argues, is that unlike a cloud-based offering the app doesn’t require you to upload your photos to Unsigned Integer’s server. “It all stays on your computer. When working with confidential material, this is great,” he says.

The Scenery app employs a rather cunning (and familiar) revenue model. It is free to download and comes with 3 free templates. If you need more, such as additional devices or backgrounds, these can be bought via in-app purchases, starting at $15.