Mobile Marketing Startup Localytics Raises $35M More

Localytics, which offers analytics and marketing tools for mobile apps, is announcing that it has raised $35 million in Series D funding.

The company started out with a focus on app analytics, but CEO Raj Aggarwal told me via email that customers also wanted tools that allowed them to act on their data. So Localytics has added things like push notifications, in-app messaging, email marketing, and integration with sales and business intelligence software.

“What we’re seeing is businesses need all the insights and tools to engage users and meet their expectations for an amazing app experience, in one place,” Aggarwal said. “As apps continue to become a larger and larger part of our digital experience, businesses can’t continue to have disparate data sets and different tools for their product team that are separate from the ones their marketing team uses.”

Localytics says it’s now being used by 32,000 apps. Customers include ESPN, eBay, Fox, and The New York Times — and Localytics will also be used by the upcoming HBO Now app.

The company’s next step is to introduce a new predictive marketing feature, which will help businesses detect which customers are likely to stop using the app, and deliver targeted messages to convince them to stay. Similarly, they can detect which customers are likely to spend more and then show them targeted deals.

The new round was led by Sapphire Ventures, with participation from previous investors Foundation Capital and Polaris Partners. The company has now raised a total of $60 million.