Google Hires Morgan Stanley’s Ruth Porat As Its New CFO

Google has a new CFO, to replace Patrick Pichette, who announced his retirement from Google earlier this month after seven years on the job. The incoming CFO is Ruth Porat, who currently occupies that role at Morgan Stanley, where she has worked since 1987.

Porat has a long and storied history, including leading financing rounds on a number of tech companies including Amazon, eBay and Netscape, and she was previously co-head of Technology Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley. She’ll join the search giant on May 26, reporting directly to Google CEO Larry Page.

“I’m delighted to be returning to my California roots and joining Google,” said Ruth Porat in a statement from Google. “Growing up in Silicon Valley, during my time at Morgan Stanley and as a member of Stanford’s Board, I’ve had the opportunity to experience first hand how tech companies can help people in their daily lives. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves and get started.”

Porat was considered for Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury by President Barack Obama in 2013, but she withdrew her name from consideration according to the NYT.