Fix Netflix’s User Interface With God Mode

Ever spend more time looking for something to watch on Netflix than actually watching something on Netflix? That’s because of the site’s addiction to brevity. Titles are hidden by sliding bars that requires clicking to reveal more titles. This bookmarklet fixes the issue. It’s called God Mode and I love it.


Just pop the bookmarklet into your bookmark bar and load Netflix. Once logged in, click the bookmark button to expand all the sliding bars into grids of movies. It’s not as pretty, but damn is easier to use.

Suddenly you can see all the movies and TV shows at once. There’s no need to click around on the interface to reveal hidden titles. It’s beautiful in a purely functional way.

Netflix has a wonderful problem. It simply has too much content, and the streaming service is constantly testing new interfaces to address it. I’ve found that the best Netflix user interface is found in the Windows 8 app where a ton of content is visible at once. Want to see more? Swipe left or right and more is revealed. It’s lovely and a natural fit for scrolling. Sadly Netflix has failed to develop such a compelling interface for different operating systems, which is why hacks like God Mode exist.