Meerkat Now Lets You Easily Follow Users Via The Web

Live video broadcast app Meerkat is edging away from being so reliant on Twitter’s network to power its own: The company announced a new “light follow” feature that works via the web, making it easy for anyone to follow users quickly without following them on Twitter, and to then receive notifications via Meerkat on iOS whenever they go live with a stream.

The feature lets you create a link easily using the top-level domain, and using your username on Twitter like so: You can share that via whatever social network you prefer, and users who click on it will be directed to a page like the one pictured above, with a big ‘follow’ button. Clicking that will authorize access to your Twitter account to the Meerkat app, and will also enable notifications for that user’s broadcasts through the Meerkat app for iOS.

So far, it looks like a one-way street, meaning you can light follow via the web interface, but you’ll have to go into the app to unfollow. It’s mainly a feature designed to make it easier for people looking to grow their audience, however, so it would make sense that the follow is easily achieved, but the unfollow is not.