TC Droidcast 42: Google Classes Up The Play Store And We Invent AI

On this week’s Droidcast, we discuss Google’s big changes to the Play Store, with the introduction of a review process that involves human eyes on apps before they’re made available, as well as the adoption of app age ratings based on existing standards. Google clearly wants to make Android a classier joint, perhaps to attract the big spenders.

We also touch on Google’s plans to open up the Cards API for Google Now, meaning your Now feed could get a lot busier in the near future. That also features into our discussion of a clever amateur workaround that lets you answer iPhone phone calls on your Android Wear device, using all public and above-board APIs.

Finally, we get sidetracked with dreams of voice input that actually works, and Kyle and Greg set Darrell straight by inventing artificial intelligence to close out the podcast. No biggie.

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