With Hushbook, Swipe Left To Unfollow Someone On Facebook

If you’re still on Facebook, you need this app. Called Hushbook, the iOS app essentially is Tinder for Facebook, but instead of finding new friends, it’s decided to find friends you no longer want to follow. It’s time for a bit of spring cleaning.

If you’re anything like me, Facebook lost its novelty years ago and now your profile is an ugly mix of professional contacts, high school friends and random extended family members you haven’t seen since childhood. It’s a mess and you have to do something about it. Hushbook helps.

The app’s interface is Tinder-like. Swipe right to keep following the person. Swipe left to unfollow. Unfollowing a person is not instantaneous and requires the user to confirm the selection. Co-founder William Falcon explained on Product Hunt that it takes a few moments to unfollow the person since the app does not use an official Facebook API to preform the command — Facebook doesn’t offer this functionality in any public API.

Hushbook doesn’t currently have the option of unfriending a person. It just unfollows the person, effectively hiding their nonsense from your News Feed. And that’s sad. Sometimes, simply not following a person is not good enough. They deserve the full banhammer.