WellDeserved Is A (Fake) Startup That Pokes Fun At Tech’s Privilege

Have a free Google Lunch you don’t take advantage of because you’re eating only local blueberries this week? Does your company have a masseuse you don’t use because you’re touch-phobic? WellDeserved is for you.

The app allows you to sell the things you get for free. Pass your health insurance on, temporarily, to someone with a compound fracture. Give someone else the free doughnuts your vendors sent you – for a price. Have your HandyCleanerOnDemand stop off at someone else’s house before they stop at yours. In the assisted living community for the young that is San Francisco, no privilege is too small to sell!

WellDeserved is actually the brainchild of Kasima Tharnpipitchai, Larisa Berger, and Margaux Poupard who launched it at Comedy Hack Day, an event that brings together comedians and programmers to build “hilarious apps.” Sadly, for a certain type of person, WellDeserved hits quite close to home and says a lot more about the culture that spawned it than SF as a locus of comedy. But who doesn’t love some yucks! And, as an added bonus, you get to see VC heartthrob Dave McClure!

You can buy privilege – a harassment-free walk or a dental cleaning – at the WellDeserved website now but sadly the service is still in beta. However, if you throw your business card and close relationship to Dani Zuckerberg around a little maybe you can get early access?