This Game Turns Google Autocomplete Into A Game Of Family Feud

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Damn, this is more fun than I would’ve expected.

Do you ever type things into Google just to see what whacky stuff pops up in the autocomplete box?

GoogleFeud takes that concept and turns it into a Family Feud-style game. How well do you know the hivemind?

GoogleFeud provides the first half of a search query, and you fill in the rest. Your goal is to guess as many of the most popular queries as you can.

If it provides “Should I sell my ….”, for example, you might guess “house”, “car”, or “dog”. If your guesses line up with one of the most popular queries as searched for by Google visitors, you get a point; if it doesn’t, you get a strike. Three strikes, and the game is over. Want to see the answers to that board up above, for example? Here you go.

One downside I’ve noticed: the engine isn’t very good at combining similar results, something that the real Family Feud accounts for behind-the-scenes. You also have to be absolutely specific in your answers — if you say “plane” and the answer was “airplane”, that’s a strike.

Quirks aside, it’s a damn fun way to kill a few minutes and see how well you can predict the wonderings of the masses.

You start off by picking one of four categories: Culture, People, Names, and Questions. I’d recommend starting with names, as it seems to be the least susceptible to the aforementioned shortcomings.

Bonus tip: there’s no built-in multiplayer option, but it’s still a pretty great game to play cooperatively with a friend. I spent the morning brainstorming guesses with my fiance — and while the game totally kicked our ass, we had a blast.

You can find GoogleFeud right over here.

Oh, and a bit of fun trivia: the game was built by Justin Hook, who helps to write Bob’s Burgers and the 5-part Bob’s Burgers comic series.

[Via ProductHunt]