TC AppleCast 9: New MacBook And Apple Watch First Impressions

This week you get TWO AppleCast episodes, because that’s just how much Apple news we had thanks to Apple’s special event on Monday. We’ve had a few days now to reflect on the big event, as well as our hands-on experience with both the new MacBook and Apple Watch. In some ways, the intervening time has raised more questions than answers, but Apple’s latest products are no less exciting for that.

We also talk about how polarizing a lot of the response to the new MacBook (which has only a single data port) has been, and how there has also been a lot of apparent rancor for Apple’s top-tier Apple Watch Edition collection, which starts at $10,000. A lot of people seem to be responding as if Apple were eliminating all other product lines and offering only these options, as my former colleague Tom Reestman nicely summarizes in the tweet below.

Next week, we’ll have more in the way of impressions of Apple’s new products, including first-hand accounts of how the Force Touch trackpad on the new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro (along with its other hardware upgrades)¬†perform. As always, let us know if there’s something you’d specifically like us to cover.

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