Seinfeld Will Be Streamable Online Soon, Hopefully


I’ve never watched more than one or two random Seinfeld episodes. I know, I know.

I’ve always meant to watch the whole series, really — but it’s not (legally) streamable anywhere, outside of a few random episodes. So I don’t bother.

This may change soon. Word has it that Sony is finally getting around to licensing the streaming rights.

Having never watched Seinfeld but having watched way too much other TV, I will instead fill this post with references to other TV shows.

Word of the negotiations broke via WSJ and CNBC. Asked for comment on who really broke the scoop, the Olsen quadruplets denied to comment (or acknowledge their own existence.)

Interestingly: at least according to the WSJ, Netflix isn’t making a bid. Netflix purportedly said “How YOU doin?” to Sony about the show last year, but a deal never came through.

That leaves Yahoo, Amazon, and Hulu in the mix, any of which would probably stop eating popplers if it meant getting Seinfeld in their catalog. Big names are what pull in the subscribers — and with Netflix crushing both the original content (with shows like Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards) and the full-series licensed stuff (Friends, Blacklist, Doctor Who, Gold Case, etc. etc.) the other guys are looking for a big name win — and Seinfeld is a pretty frakking big name.

Knowing full well just how much the show is worth, Sony is looking for a small fortune here. Friends is said to have cost Netflix $500,000 per episode — and while that’s more than enough to treat yo’ self, Sony is said to be looking for more with Seinfeld. Even if they only manage to meet that $500,000 bar, with 180 episodes of Seinfeld to license, that’s a $90 million dollar deal.