SteamOS Hits Major Milestone

Steam now boasts more than 1,000 gaming titles for Linux, and therefore, SteamOS. Everything from indie games to AAA titles are available from the service. Best yet, even more titles are regularly popping up, with 14 games launching this week alone.

Steam launched its Linux efforts in early 2013 with just 50 games and took a year to hit 500 titles. Now the game count is at 1004 and climbs to 1835 if downloadable content like DLCs and expansion packs are included.

Linux has never been considered a gaming platform. In its early days the open source operating system was simply too fragmented for developers to keep up. Then Valve came along and announced that its Steam platform would support Linux.

Valve announced SteamOS seven months after launching Linux titles on Steam. This was Valve’s answer to gaming consoles. Yet it faced a major hurdle in that it was based on Linux and therefore the breadth of the games available on Steam wouldn’t be playable.

That was two years ago and SteamOS is still alive albeit only one of Valve’s living room solutions. Announced earlier this month, Steam Link promises to allow gamers the ability to stream PC games to a Chromecast-like device. The gaming company also announced a VR solution that gathered accolades at a recent gaming conference.

As Valve keeps developing SteamOS, more computer makers are jumping on board. Several new SteamOS machines were unveiled several weeks ago. And at the clip compatible games are becoming available, buyers will have plenty of options when the machines ship later this year.