Pearltrees Brings New Editing Features To Its Curation Service

Pearltrees, the Paris-based curation and bookmarking service, is launching a major update to its service today that brings a number of new editing tools to the site.

Pearltrees users were already able to write and save notes, as well as store images and other content on the service. Now, they will also be able to annotate the texts they saved from around the web, caption images and use the service’s new WYSIWYG text editor to write more complex notes.

The service is also adding a couple of new personalization features that allow users to add a new background to their collections and change the overall look and feel of the collection.

The new editor, as well as the ability to caption images and illustrate their collections with handpicked images will be available to all users, while the more advanced personalization and annotation tools will only be available for paying Pearltrees Premium subscribers.

What may be even more interesting to active Pearltrees users, though, is that the company is also launching a new browser extension. With this, users can now select only a part of a website to save — maybe a snippet of text, photo or video. That’s a big difference compared to the original tool, which only allowed you to bookmark complete sites.

Pearltrees says it now has 3 million active users and its apps have been downloaded more than 2 million times.

Today’s update, which Pearltrees calls “Remix,” is now available on the web, as well as through the service’s Android app. The update to the iPhone and iPad apps will launch in a few days.

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