Amazon’s New “Exclusives” Shop Showcases Up-And-Coming Brands And “Shark Tank” Products

Amazon this morning rolled out a new store called Amazon Exclusives which will introduce “up-and-coming” brands and other new inventions across a variety of categories, including products that have been previously featured on the TV show Shark Tank. The idea here is that Amazon wants to capitalize on the attention these new products receive when they hit the market (or the TV airwaves), and then give the online retailer a piece of the action.

The name “Exclusives” refers to the fact that outside of being sold on the creators’ own websites or in their own physical stores, the only other destination where you’ll be able to buy these items is on Amazon.

Some of the products are kind of odd but interesting – like the Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves that allow cyclists to communicate with others on the road, or the customized Mary Jane shoes with tie dye designs. From Shark Tank, there are the Tower Paddle Boards, but Amazon is sort of overselling it by saying this new shop includes Shark Tank products. They are still few and far between. (We’ve asked Amazon if more are in the pipeline, however. Update: the company has responded, explaining that it will add more products to the store. “Many entrepreneurs that go on Shark Tank decide to be small business sellers on Amazon and go direct to consumer,” a spokesperson vaguely added.)

The company says the products are fulfilled by Amazon, and will be eligible for free, two-day shipping for current Prime members.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has rolled out a specialized store dedicated to new innovations that are capturing consumers’ attention. For example, in the past, the company debuted a “Smart Home” store that included home automation products, smart thermostats, smart locks and more. It also previously launched a 3D printing store that included customizable goods.