Xbox One Owners Can Now (Finally) Take Screenshots

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Microsoft is finally bringing the ability to take screenshots to the Xbox One, which is arriving with a new update that is rolling out right now. The console supports video capture but the lack of screenshotting has been a notable omission — the Xbox team admitted it is among “the most-requested features by our fans.”

Xbox One owners who grab the update can take a screenshot by doubling tapping the Xbox button on their controller and pressing ‘Y’ to save it. If they have Kinect, then screen capture is as simple as saying “Xbox, take a screenshot”.

Screenshots are saved within the ‘Upload’ app, from where they can be set as background, uploaded to a gamer’s activity feed, shared to Twitter or stashed away in OneDrive.

Other features within this new update include a ‘suggested friends’ feature to help find more pals to game with, and a new setting to allow gamers to share their real name with everyone rather than just their gaming tag. The Xbox team has also made changes to party chat — to show when a microphone is being used — while there is a new option for reporting message spam, additional settings for selecting tile transparency, and more — per the video below.