What Facebook, Instagram, Twitter And WeChat Look Like On The Apple Watch

Former Adobe exec, now Apple’s VP of Technology, Kevin Lynch, took the stage this morning at the Apple Watch event in Cupertino to demonstrate several of the forthcoming Watch applications that will be available for the device at launch. Among those shown this morning were a number of social applications, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WeChat, for example.

While Lynch didn’t spend long on any one application given how many he was running through today, he did give the audience a brief look these popular social apps. Below are images of the apps in action, as well as details about how they’ll function, if that information was provided.


Facebook’s Watch app didn’t get much demo time today, but it’s clearly among the first to launch. The app will bring Facebook’s notifications to your wrist, including things like whether you’ve been tagged in a photo or if you receive a new friend request, for example.



The Instagram Apple Watch app allows users to see the photos from their friends on the photo-sharing network. You can scroll up and down through your feed using the watch’s digital crown. Tapping on a photo will display more information, like the location of the photo and the number of likes.





Twitter’s app was only shown briefly, but the app will display Twitter’s Top Trends, it appears from the image provided. No surprise here – the trend #AppleLive was the top trend this morning. The app also showed how many tweets there are regarding the trend in question.


Apple, however, goes into more details about the Twitter app on its Watch Apps page here, explaining how you can be notified with a tap when new tweets are posted, can you can retweet and favorite from your Apple Watch. You can also view your timeline and compose tweets using dictation.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.48.27 PM


The WeChat application developed by Tencent in China received a longer demo this morning, likely because of China’s importance to Apple’s market share growth. The new app connects users to the popular messaging service, and will display incoming messages from your friends which you can reply to with a tap. To do so, you’ll tap on the notification and then be taken to a screen where you can reply either using text, or a sticker or emoji.