goFlow Surf App Launches 10 New Sports And Raises A Seed Round

goFlow is an app for weather-driven sports like surfing, kiteboarding, skiing, and snowboarding, which gets its data from users uploading the conditions. Founded by Roni Eshel, a pro-surfer turned tech entrepreneur, it claims to have generated over 1 million surf reports worldwide in the last year.

It’s now launched ‘goFlow Sports’ with 10 new sports activities including: Surfing, Snow, Paddleboarding, Fishing, Diving, Cycling, Kitesurfing , Boating, Golfing, and Skateboarding.

The company has also closed a $500,000 seed round led by Angels Shalev Hulio, Omri Lavie and the founders of NSO group and Kaymera. In addition, Daniel Recanati of Rhodium, Mehrdad Piroozram from Widgetlabs.

Most competitors focus on one outdoor sport vertical only, like kitesurfing. A few other competitors are focused on particular sports verticals, such as ‘Weendy’ for kite surfers; ‘Surfr’ for surfers and ‘Fishbrain’ for fishing.

goFlow is going after 10 verticals. This means it can crowd-source weather conditions across the board, with GPS enabled mapping and private chat groups with friends.