CrunchWeek: Etsy IPO, Tinder’s Age-Based Pricing, Kleiner Perkins On Trial

While we’d argue that every episode of CrunchWeek is special, today is an extra special show, because it’s the last one we’re having at the big white table. That’s right: Our little studio is finally getting an upgrade! For the next few weeks, TechCrunch’s video studio will be under construction for a fresh new look. We’ll continue to make CrunchWeek as the process goes along, but things will look a bit different along the way.

It’s appropriate that we started the final CrunchWeek on our DIY set with a conversation about the upcoming IPO of Etsy, the company that’s helped turn DIY and crafting into a multi-million dollar platform. Then, our conversation turned to Tinder, which has raised some eyebrows over the past week with its new pricing platform that charges you more money if you’re over the ripe age of 28. Finally, we talked about Ellen Pao V. Kleiner Perkins, the ongoing gender discrimination trial that’s sure to keep Silicon Valley buzzing for at least a few weeks to come.

This episode of CrunchWeek was produced by Felicia Williams, shot by John Murillo, and edited by Yashad Kulkarni.