Google Contacts Gets A New Look

Google Contacts is getting an update. Contacts sits at the core of services like Gmail, Google+, Hangouts and others, but it never felt like Google was putting a lot of resources into this service. Now, it’s not only getting a new look, but also a couple of new features that will make using it a bit easier.

The new look takes its cues from Google’s other services that have adopted its Material Design language. Inbox users, especially, should feel right at home here, though for Gmail users, the switch may feel a bit jarring.

Here is what the new Contacts looks like:

Contacts preview 1.5

Besides the new design, Google is adding three new features to Contacts, too.

If you are anything like me, you probably have multiple profiles for a couple of your contacts (one for a friend’s email address and one for his or her phone number, for example). Now, with the updated “find duplicates” tools, it’ll get a bit easier to merge all of those. I just tried it with the 32 duplicates Google found for me and it’s as easy as clicking the “merge” button.

Also new in this update is the ability to see all your recent emails and meetings with a person right in their — also redesigned — contact card, and Google will try to keep your Contacts automatically updated based on their Google profile information.

The preview is rolling out now, but you can bypass that process by heading to directly (unless you are a Google Apps customers, then you’ll still have to wait a bit before this updates becomes available to you).