You Can Now Embed Twitter Video On Your Website

Twitter has launched an embedding feature for Twitter-hosted videos, letting you put any movies shot using its native video capture and publishing tool on your site, complete with an embed button on Twitter’s on website. Clicking the “Embed Video” option in the “…” expanded options menu from a tweet featuring a native Twitter video will expose a snippet of HTML code, setting it up for a copy and paste into your own site’s HTML or CMS companies window. Here’s how it looks:

As you can see, it includes a native Twitter video wrapper, complete with a timeline, video playback controls, a full-screen button and a Twitter logo, which shows you the original Tweet that appeared with the video, as well as the posting account, profile picture and a follow button so that you can add them to your follow list without ever leaving the player.

Twitter is clearly serious not only about keeping traffic on its own network via native video recording and publishing options, but also about rerouting traffic back to the network when clips from its user base get posted on sites like this one.