Withings Launches Android Support For Activité And Activité Pop

Withings has just broadened the reach of its smartwatches, the Activité and the Activité Pop, as the Android version of the Withings HealthMate app now integrates with the new hardware.

Withings launched the Activité line last year with a hope to bring a new look to the smartwatch space.

The Activite is one of the only smartwatches that looks good playing dumb, with the ability to track your activity like any fitness band but with a beautiful analog watch face and a leather band.

There are no screens or buttons and it isn’t clunky around the wrist like most smartwatches you see today. The Pop, a ruggedized version of the watch more suited to athletic training, also looks like a standard watch.

But on the inside, both of them are smarter than they look.

Both the Activité and the Activité Pop use Bluetooth to pass along data to the app, and the fact that Withings only offered support on iOS highly limited the smartwatch hardware in terms of potential buyers. Now, anyone with an Android smartphone or an iPhone can purchase the Activité and see a full read-out of their daily activity.

In related news, the Activité Pop (which isn’t yet available in the U.S.) will go on sale in the states later this month through Best Buy.