Wisemetrics Optimizes Facebook Ad Campaigns To Make You Pay Less

Meet Wisemetrics, a social media campaign optimization tool to make your posts as efficient as possible. A few weeks ago, Facebook launched the relevance score, meaning that good advertisers now pay less than others. This way, Facebook can increase the average quality of ads on its social network.

Wisemetrics quickly realized that there was a big opportunity. Its new advertising optimization solution is all about increasing your relevance score so that you end up paying less in Facebook ads. The company can optimize click-through, engagement or sharing rates depending on what the advertiser is looking for.

Wisemetrics tested out its solution with 10 campaigns, and saw some impressive results. On average, advertisers end up paying 30 percent less for Facebook ads after switching to Wisemetrics.

Behind the scene, the company has been working on Facebook optimization for the past two years. Wisemetrics centralizes all your assets and content links in one location so that you can easily share all of this on various social networks. Then, you can optimize your posts for each channel and let Wisemetrics publish them at the ideal time.

Now that Facebook uses these very same metrics for advertisers, Wisemetrics can tweak its tools to optimize advertising campaigns. For instance, this product will push different campaigns to young students and grown ups so that each ad works more effectively.

The startup then takes a cut of what you save in advertising dollars. In other words, if Wisemetrics can’t optimize your campaigns, it won’t cost you a dime.

The team is based in Paris and is bootstrapped so far. But it looks like it will try and raise VC money in the coming months to boost its growth. It also integrates with existing ad bidding solutions on the market.