Flow Kana Brings You Pot Straight Off The Farm

Think of it as the first “farm-to-bowl” concept. Flow Kana just launched an on-demand medical cannabis delivery service that skips the brick-and-mortar dispensary to bring pot from local, organic weed farmers straight to you.

“It’s the clean cannabis movement,” founder Michael Steinmetz says. “It’s important for the consumer to know where their cannabis comes from and who grew it.”

The startup promises weed grown free of chemicals, under the warm California sun, delivered in under an hour. Weed delivery service Eaze promises delivery in under 10 minutes from local dispensaries anywhere in San Francisco. It came in under 15 minutes when I tested that service out.

I nabbed a friend to test Flow Kana. It took about 40 minutes from the time she officially hit the order button to the time delivery arrived. Just like other apps and dispensaries, prices vary depending on what you order.

Flow Kana is separate from the actual delivery service. It’s the backend database that works with a web application to help in the delivery process. It works much like other weed delivery apps. You sign in, verify your legal ability to purchase weed and then pick the varieties you’d like delivered. You can choose from sample packs, certain strains or pick the “Euphoric,” “Energetic,” “Uplifted,” or “Creative” options to let the app offer up suggestions.


Weed delivery must be handled from a legally operating dispensary, co-op or collective in the state of California. The farmers alliance that handles the growing and supply of the weed acts as that organization. The suppliers truck the pot harvest from each farm and haul it into a nonprofit farmers distribution center in San Francisco.

Much like the way a community-supported agricultural organization (CSA) works, Flow Kana has agreements with these local weed farmers. The farmers are just in the Bay Area for now, but Steinmetz plans to organize similar outfits in states where pot is legal for medical or other use such as Washington and Colorado.

“With full-scale legalization on the horizon, the only logical step for our industry is to embrace clean cannabis as an opportunity to produce medicine in the safest and most economically-sustainable fashion, and in a way that makes us responsible stewards of the environment, and valuable community partners,” Steinmetz says.

Flow Kana has received approximately $260,000 in seed funding, but is mostly boot strapped at the moment.