Google Publishes Chrome Experiment #1000

Google’s Chrome Experiments site, which highlights cool, developer-submitted interactive applications that run in the browser, has been online since 2009 — almost as long as Chrome itself has been around. Today, Google is publishing the 1,000th experiment on the site and it’s launching a redesigned version of the site that is meant to showcase Polymer, Google’s web components library.

Experiment #1000 (that’s the official name) is a fun one: it’s a visualization of the other 999 experiments on the site. It’s not just a pointless visualization, though. Experiment #1000 also lets you check out the code for the other experiments and browse them by tags. So if you want to see how WebGL evolved over the years, just click that and take a look.


Unsurprisingly, given Google’s push toward Web Components, the new was redesigned using Polymer.

If you are feeling nostalgic, take a look at the Ball Pool experiment from 2009. It was one of the original 19 experiments that launched the site. Then compare that to Google’s own I/O 2015 experiment or the ISS Photo Viewer. The web clearly has come a long way since 2009.