Porsche Will Put A Bluetooth Navigation System In Your Classic 911

Classic cars are great. The look, the feel, the repair bills. But they often lack the modern safety and convenience features found on modern cars. Porsche has a solution with a radio and navigation system that blends today’s technology with the style found in its classic cars. Unless, of course, you’re driving a classic Porsche to escape modern society.

The radio unit can be fitted into Porsche models with a single din radio slot. Since it’s right from Porsche, it matches the interior theme perfectly unlike something that can be purchased from Best Buy. This latest version adds Bluetooth and an SD card slot to the mix.

This is a perfect example of bringing new attention to older products. Sure, the thought of having navigation on a classic Porsche might be sacrilegious to some. But to others, it’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

The unit costs €1,184 in Germany and U.S. availability has yet to be announced.